APT Cleantech Foundation

Education Campaign

The Foundation believes that education is the means and the end to a better life. The means because it empowers the individual to earn his/ her livelihood and the end because it creates awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare, to appropriate social behavior, to understanding one’s rights – and in the process help him/ her become responsible and better citizens. Education is the only way by which a strong foundation can be laid for the children freeing them from ignorance, poverty and disease. In Rajnagar Extension runs a School in collaboration with “ Unatee Seva society “. This school is in between the Charms castle society and the Police station. This school caters to around 60 children from marginal and poor families. It provides basic education to classes I to VII. Apart from providing education, the school also gives aid to the children in the form of books, meals and stationary items. This school has helped over 100 children to gain education and develop hobbies.

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